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Success Stories

Caleb Hutson

"Being able to pick up on strategies of investors that are knowledgeable on SprinkleBit is one of the main reasons I had the confidence in my valuation of Shopify"

In September of 2017, Caleb sold his $SHOP position for a +334% gain.


Stacie Solis

"I did not know about stocks or how to invest before I signed up for SprinkleBit. Being able to see what other people think about certain stocks has helped me make better decisions."

In August of 2017, Stacie sold her $CMI position for a +80.53% gain.


Umang Detroja

"SprinkleBit helped me break down the complexities of stock market, stock trading, research and investing, into a simple and understandable do-it-yourself format."

In July of 2017, Umang sold his $SQ position for a +68.42% gain.