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Welcome to Crowdsourced Investing

Investing shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t be scary. It should be fun and fruitful. SprinkleBit, which means "to spread information", looks to help you make better investment decisions in an easier and more fun way, regardless of how much money you have. You can learn how to trade, follow top investors, and invest for the future – all from one, intuitive social investing platform – so you never need to trade alone again.

Our Story
SprinkleBit started with a simple idea, that crowdsourcing and technology can help people make better investment decisions. Now, after years of development we have reached the point where this simple idea is generating our users thousands of dollars per year. In 2015, nine out of ten users beat the market and the median return was 35%.

We started as a small company in San Diego, with a big dream. Now we have offices both in USA and Europe with users in over 139 countries. Of course we didn’t do this alone, we worked with the best partners within brokerage, clearing, and banking.

Our mission is to simplify investing for everyone in the world and won’t stop until we achieve this task. We have an abundance of innovative features and technology in the pipeline, and our community participates on every aspect along the way. The beautiful thing with SprinkleBit is that the more people we are the better we do, so come along and join our journey towards financial freedom.
Press & Awards
Check out some of the things people are saying about us. Our moms are so proud.
Winner of the San Diego Business Journal's 2013 Innovation Award
SprinkleBit uses crowdsourcing to provide assistance with the nitty-gritty aspects of trading. They show investors how to turn their investments into a souffle - that rises, and rises.
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The Huffington Post
Millennials are overlooking, that they belong to a "do-it-yourself" demographic who won't have Social Security to fund a portion of their retirement. SprinkleBit have taken this mistake and created an opportunity.
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When the market is going well, it’s all about greed, and any platform will make money … Now, when you have to actually know which stocks are going to go up, you need a tool like this.
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