Investing For Everyone

We don’t care if you have $1 or $1 million. SprinkleBrokerage wants everyone to have the information and technology needed to take charge of your financial future through investing in the companies of tomorrow.

$0 Commission with SprinkleBrokerage Premium Account

Transparent Pricing

No commission with SprinkleBrokerage Premium Account.
$4.99 commission on Stocks & ETF’s trades.

Secure Data

Both your money and personal information are safe with us.
Dual layer account protection and best SSL encryption security.

Efficient Trade Execution

Real-time quotes.
Smart routing technology for best price execution.

Support When You Need It

Dedicated customer service representatives.
Get in touch,we will help you get started.

Premium Tools

Smart Alerts

Follow traders and companies in real time with our proprietary alert system. When they make a move, you will immediately know so you never miss an opportunity again!


Our stock analyzer is like having a personal market analyst at your fingertips. What used to take hours with complex spreadsheets can now be accomplished with a single click.

Stock Screener

We know it can be overwhelming to figure out which stocks are right for you. Our pocket sized stock screener helps you by narrowing down your choices based on financial ratios and performance metrics.

Margin Account

Need some extra firing power? No problem. Get up to 2x more buying power with a margin account.

Extended Trading Hours

Money never sleeps, and neither do we. Get access to pre & after market trading hours, just like the pro’s.

Instant Access to Funds

No one likes waiting. Get instant access to your funds and the ability to reinvest without waiting two days for settlement.

Client Testimonials

Caleb Hutson

"Being able to pick up on strategies of investors that are knowledgeable on SprinkleBit is one of the main reasons I had the confidence in my investments."

Stacie Solis

"SprinkleBrokerage helped me break down the complexities of stock market, stock trading, research and investing, into a simple and understandable do-ityourself format."

Umang Detroja

"Sprinklebit broke down the complexities of stock market, stock trading, researching and investing, into simple, understandable, easy-to-learn and do-it-yourself format."

What Are You Waiting For?

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Open an Account

Brokerage (Cash & Margin)
Traditional, Roth, Rollover IRA (coming soon)

Step 2

Fund your account

Link your bank account with ACH
Wire Transfers

Step 3

Get Invested

Find Stocks and ETFs that are right for you
Or let the community be your guide