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Company Valuation — Company Valuation: Assets
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Company Valuation: Assets


An asset is a resource that has economic value. It’s something that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls because they expect that it will provide a future benefit. An asset is something that can help generate future cash flow, reduce expenses, or improve sales. They’re bought or created to increase a company’s value or benefit its operations.

Assets make an important factor of your company valuation. Assets are listed on a company’s balance sheet. A balance sheet outlines a company’s current assets and liabilities, comparing what the company owns and what it owes.

It’s important that you invest in a company with a strong financial standing, especially for long-term investment strategies. Investing in a company that owes much more than it owns, meaning there are more liabilities than assets, may not be a good decision. These companies may be financially unstable. Their company valuation is usually negative, and they can easily run into financial trouble.