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How to Buy Stocks — Do Your Own Homework
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Do Your Own Homework

Do Your Own Homework

Doing your own homework before investing makes the difference. Indeed, relying on analysts’ opinions is a great start. Yet it’s also important to form your own opinions by combing through annual reports, recent news releases and product announcements.

Here’s a quick tip: pay attention to articles commenting on the companies’ reports.

Knowing what you’re doing is what makes a great investor, so be sure to develop good habits early on. When looking at any company, it is important to assess how confident you are in the company’s team and products before making an investment decision.


What should you look at when buying a stock?

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  • 1
    The company's valuation
  • 2
    Your ability to be patient
  • 3
    Industry trends
  • 4
    All of the above
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