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Getting Started — How to Find a Stock
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How to Find a Stock

How do I find the right stock to invest in?

That is the million dollar question, and it has as many answers as there are stocks out there. It all depends on what you're looking for. However, at SprinkleBit our mission is to simplify your investment decision as much as humanly & technologically possible.

Here are our solutions:

1. Follow our Top Investors and see what they're buying

Go to Menu > Leaderboard to find the best traders. Follow each one of them, and you'll be able to see what they are buying, or selling, straight in your News Feed. You can also check out their portfolios' to see what stocks they have invested in. You will likely find some gems there!

2. Make sure to check out our point system for stocks (VPI)

On every stock's page, you will notice a number up in the right corner. It's our point system for stocks, called VPI (Value Prediction Index). That number tells you how confident our collective community is that the stock in question will perform well. If the number is above 50 - great! That means the crowd likes the stock. Below 50? Then you might want to reconsider for now. 

2. Community Orders

Go to Menu > Community Orders to see which stocks our users have bought the most on a weekly basis. 

3. Crowdsourced Stock Screener

See what people are holding in our Crowdsourced Stock Screener (We have +60 other filters for you to find the right stock)

How to use our Crowdsourced Stock Screener


4. Analyzer

See if the stock is overpriced with our Analyzer

How to use our Analyzer