Why Do You Want To Invest?

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Chapter 1 — Why Do You Want To Invest?
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Why Do You Want To Invest?

Why Invest in STOCKS & ETF's

Investing is an important tool for putting your extra money to work.

It is a way of saving that provides the opportunity to create wealth faster than by letting your money sit in the bank.


It also gives you control over how your money is used. Investing allows you to be flexible with your money and choose the amount of risk that is right for you. No matter what your specific investing goals are, the main goal of investing is always to end up with more money than what you started with.

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Here are some common examples of investment goals:

        1. Start saving for retirement
        2. Earn extra money on the side
        3. Buy something expensive in the future (i.e. a home or car)  
        4. Conserve the value of money (deter the effects of inflation)
        5. Help pay for education
        6. For the thrill of it

"How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case." - Robert G. Allen


Investing in stock provides all of the following EXCEPT___?

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  • 1
    Choose the amount of risk taken
  • 2
    Control over how your money is used
  • 3
    Opportunity to create wealth
  • 4
    Guaranteed profits
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