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Why Should You Learn How to Invest? — Why Should You Learn How to Invest?
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Why Should You Learn How to Invest?

Why Should You Learn How to Invest?

“Should I start investing?” That may be the question you ask yourself when you hear about stocks.

The fact is, you’re actually already an investor. People invest their time to get a good education and people invest in good food to be healthy. You don’t get intimidated by the effort it takes to pick out a healthy dinner, do you? Likewise, there’s nothing to fear about investing.

Watch this video about the reasons to invest in stocks, and read on for more details.

We’ve put together our top 7 reasons to start investing in stocks.

  1. Become financially free by giving your money a job to do 24/7.
  2. Beat the effects of inflation with higher returns than you’d get from a bank.
  3. Benefit from owning shares of growing companies and economies.
  4. Grow your wealth exponentially through the power of compound interest.
  5. Start without hassle with little money.
  6. Up your investing game as you go.
  7. Reap better returns by starting early.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

Tap Next to read more about the benefits of investing in stocks, and welcome to your investment journey!


Investing in stock provides all of the following EXCEPT___?

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  • 1
    Control over the amount of risk taken
  • 2
    Control over how your money is used
  • 3
    Opportunity to create wealth
  • 4
    Guaranteed profits
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