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Stay Ahead of The Game With Alerts, Every Minute Counts!

With the market constantly in flux, each second can be the difference between making and losing money. But who has time to stay on top of the action all day? Well, that's why we created Smart Alerts that will notify you when a stock or an investor you're following are on the move.

Investor Retrade Alerts
  • 1Set up a follow alert for an investor
  • 2Allocate a % of your portfolio to that investor.
  • 3Get notified when they buy or sell.
  • 4Instantly replicate their trade with the click of a button.
Stock Alerts
  • 1Set up a price or over- / under-valued alert for a company.
  • 2Get tipped off when the stock price sets off the trigger.
  • 3Quickly place a trade to lock it in the best price.
  • 4Get alert emails when you are not on the site.
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